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Photos of current regular Queer Radio presenters

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Mark Jeffery and AJ Marsh 22nd Oct 08

Mark Jeffery and AJ Marsh 22nd Oct 08

Mark Jeffery and AJ Marsh 22nd Oct 08

Andrew from Ipswich as studio guest 22nd Oct 08



photo of John Frame at 
Pride March 2008 with link to larger photo by Iain Clacher

John Frame 53 year old John was anchor presenter of Queer Radio for much of 1994 to 2006. He enjoyed a brief reprise in that role from April to June 2008 to allow Felix Kellett to meet other commitments.


He is still full time carer for his mother and was shocked to rediscover how much time and effort is required to do this show properly. He wishes Mark Jeffery a long and happy tour of duty.


John still actively pursues the Bligh Government to enact equal age of consent reform in Queensland (details here).


You are welcome to view John’s video work at his MySpace and YouTube pages.



photo of Felix Kellett at 
4ZZZ 9th July 2008 with link to larger photo

Felix Kellett 23 year old Felix has been with Queer Radio since 2001. As confident and talented as he is good looking – Felix generously volunteered to take over presenting the show from 18th April 2007, however since April 2008 other commitments have taken precedence. Felix still joins us in the studio whenever he can.


Felix also shared presenting the Anarchy Show on 4ZZZ.

See an April 2007 photo of Felix taken in the studio at 4ZZZ.

Watch Felix share his experience and opinion of the unequal age of consent (sodomy law) in Queensland in this 10 minute YouTube video (recorded 10th March 2007).



photo of Mark Jeffery at 
4ZZZ 9th July 2008 with link to larger photo

Mark Jeffery has life long experience with radio – including ABC regional radio. He joined Queer Radio in April 2008.


Mark has been active for many years in the local LGBT community – including as a Board Member for Open Doors Youth Service. Mark took over the reins as Queer Radio anchor (organiser/panel operator/presenter) in July 2008. View a photo of Mark (on right) in company with Felix Kellett at the 2008 Brisbane International Film Festival.
















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