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Past Queer Radio presenters, friends etc :-

Mick at 4ZZZ Sept 2006 and link to his own preferred photo

Michael Phillips Co-anchor announcer from July 2006 to April 2007. Michael has been everywhere from Newcastle to Mackay – and is glad to be living in Brisbane. His friends told him he should join Queer Radio and he proved a natural for the job. Michael never flinched from sharing his personal experiences and preferences – and shared some truly beautiful music.


Joseph at 4ZZZ Sept 2006 and link to photo at 4ZZZ 4th Oct 2006

Joseph Nadler Co-anchor announcer from July 2006 to April 2007. A former student activist and long term youth community worker. In 2005/2006 Joseph was the coordinator of the Logan Youth and Family Services’ “2QT2BSTR8” and “2QTplus” LGBT groups. Joseph had been a guest on Queer Radio in previous years and demonstrated that he is a gifted radio announcer.


Joseph and Michael Phillips shared a special rapport both on and off air – view a photo of them in their last Queer Radio appearance on 11th July 2007.


Joseph has a heart as big as he is tall and a wicked sense of humour. Yoko Ono holds a special appeal for him – though not necessarily for her musical prowess.


photo of John Frame 2006 with link to alt photo

John Frame started as a participant with Queer Radio in December 1993, and from late 1994 to June 28th 2006 was the show’s coordinator and anchor presenter.


From September 2006 to April 2007 he had been guest-presenting a fifteen minute "NewQueerMusic" feature in each show - focusing on new music by an independent queer artist. He was proud to contribute to the glamorous and talented team of Michael Phillips, Joseph Nadler and Felix Kellett. He created and maintains this site.


Read the local Northside Chronicle article (10th July 2002)

See John’s personal details and his recording projects.


photo of Matt Lehmann at 4ZZZ Sept 2006 and link to his preferred picture

Matt Lehmann June 28th 2006 a 4ZZZ volunteer/announcer since 1998 (then in his teens). Matt has been involved with several other programs - including The Youth Show. He works as club dj "Wolvie Trash" and also in publicity, promotions and management. Matt volunteered to keep Queer Radio on air from July 2006 – putting paid work aside to do so. He quickly trained Michael and Joseph and helped them through official training. 





Khrys at 4ZZZ 21st June 2006


Khrys Robb With his birthday so near Stonewall Day, 24 year old Khrys has extra reason to celebrate as an all-round queer activist - with extensive experience in student and union organising.


photo of Ari Heber February 2005

 Ari Heber first joined us in 1999 to talk about traditional Jewish festivals and gradually became a very regular presenter. In early 2006 he introduced a cavalcade of lovely studio guests to our listeners.

Ari reclaimed his genetic tie to Judaism as an adult and is a very busy local Jewish Community volunteer worker. He also has found time to be active in organizing at 4ZZZ and in 2006 was Chairman of the Board.


 Richard Gillies We thank Richard for his genuine and ample enthusiasm and proven commitment in mid 2006 - including raising our visibility in style in the Pride March.

Richard was born and raised near Gympie (South East Queensland). He has experienced working in the Gulf of Carpentaria and living in regional/rural Toowoomba (where he was also involved in community radio).


photo of Kalven Heffernan at 4ZZZ ca 2004

Kalven Heffernan came into the studio (ca 2002) to speak out as a proud bisexual – but one who was not planning to be sexually active until he was 21.

That age has been and gone and so has Kalven’s celibacy. He dipped his toes in the pool of love and got his socks wet.

Kalven is an emowered and empowering queer student activist at the University of Queensland, at their St Lucia and Ipswich campuses.


photo of Tim Ball at 4ZZZ ca 2001

Tim Ball first visited our studio in 2000 with the Queensland AIDS Council’s “Toehold” youth support group. He was at that time a senior student at Marsden High and had been outed to the whole of his school by the best friend in whom he had confided. Luckily Tim’s school counselor knew to contact the good people at the Logan Youth & Family Services who offered Tim all the support he needed. Marsden High gave Tim a special award at his graduation in recognition of his efforts to promote equity.


photoshopped image of Mr X ca 2003

Mr X is a proud naturalised Australian who was an extremely supportive, active and reliable regular Queer Radio presenter from 1999 through to early 2004. Sadly, persistent ignorance and homophobia within his field of employment has necessitated giving the lovely Mr X a makeover - using the visage of Britain's sexiest openly gay actor John Barrowman (Capt Jack Harkness in Dr Who and Torchwood). The real face of Mr X is no less charming.   

Mr X enjoys gym culture and air-brush painting. He also enjoys singing as an integral part of the Brisbane Pride Choir.


photo of Adam Ware

Adam Ware (2002/2003)

Adam introduced himself to us and joined us in the studio on Tim Ball’s 18th birthday. In late 2006 Adam debuted his photographic art (mostly self-portraiture).



logo for The Gay AgendaQUT Journalism students Benjamin Law and Emma Rodgers

photo of Benjamin Lawphoto of Emma Rodgers (ca 1999/2000)


Joe Walters, Scot Littleboy, John ca 1997.

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Scot Littleboy, John and Colin Norris ca 1998.

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John thanking (not arresting) Julian Clary after show at QPAC, Brisbane 1998.

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4ZZZ Outside Broadcast stall, Brisbane Pride Fair, June 2001.

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John as alter ego Dan Scrazy during 4ZZZ’s "Radiothon" fundraiser, ca 1996.

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