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  This website’s archives relate only to the period late 1993 to early 2009, when John Frame was actively involved with presenting the Queer Radio show on 4ZZZfm in Brisbane, Australia. For 13 of those years he was the coordinator and anchor announcer. 

The current presenter of the Queer Radio program is Mark Jeffery – airing and streaming live 9-11pm Wednesdays – go to  www.4zzzfm.org.au 


The two main purposes of this site are:


(1)   to provide an effective resource and a conclusive argument for urgent action on equal age of consent reform in the state of Queensland, Australia.


(2)   to provide an expanding archive as mp3 audio of my interviews for Queer Radio and This Way Out, as an entertaining and supportive resource for any listener. The interviews represent a wide range of honest opinions from men and women, the majority of whom are gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender. Many are local or international celebrities in their field. 


Click the “Age Of Consent” banner to view my resource files of comprehensive information regarding the need for equal age of consent reform in the state of Queensland (Australia).

Queensland is the only region in Australia which denies its youth the necessary support and protection of a truly equal age of consent.

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Click the individual photos below to choose either YouTube video or transcripts of these statements of strong support for equal age of consent reform in Queensland (as sent in DVD-Video and CD-ROM format to each Member of Parliament in June 2007):





Click the "Queer Radio” banner to go to an expanding list of stored mp3 audio of interviews, video and text. This is a unique audio gallery of self-empowered people speaking honestly and openly to an audience which is presumed to be either gay or gay friendly. I am very proud to share these conversations. I’m sure they will benefit listeners anywhere in the world.


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Archive mp3s already online include:

Clive Barker, Louise Brehmer, Brisbane Pride 2000 Speeches and Voxpops, Sid Bromley, David Brown, Augusten Burroughs, Paul Capsis, Judy Carter, Wayson Choy ("Not Yet"), Julian Clary, Steve Cohen, C Jay Cox (“Latter Days”), Lea DeLaria, Skott Freedman, Stephen Fry, Patrick Gale, Greg Gordon of This Way Out, David Graham (“Farmer Dave”), Jonathan Harvey ("Beautiful Thing"), Christine Johnston, Brian Kennedy,  The Kransky Sisters, Nancy Lambert (Brisbane wildlife carer), Love-In For Love Equality 13th Feb ‘05, Judith Lucy, Nikki Madden, John Marsden (late lawyer), Armistead Maupin, Robbie McEwen, John Moriarty, David Page, Chris Freeman of Pansy Division, Sue-Ann Post, Queer Radio’s September ’93 first birthday show, David Rakoff ("Don't get Too Comfortable"), Stan Ridgway, Margret RoadKnight, David Sedaris, Jimmy Somerville, John Shelby Spong, Elliott Smith, David Stevens ("The Sum Of Us"), Stonewall Day Queer Radio Special 28th June'98, Peter Tatchell, The Three Marys, Tory Dobrin of The Trocks, Robert Urban, Rufus Wainwright, Ji Wallace, Gareth Watkins, Patrick Wilde ("Get Real"), Sherry Wright (Relationships Australia), William Yang, Matt Yee, youth from YFS Logan’s “2QT2BSTR8” group.


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