*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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26th June 2007 Letter from The leader of the Opposition, Jeff Seeney acknowledging receipt of the DVD-Video/CD-ROM pack “6 Statements of Support for Equal Age Of Consent Reform in Queensland”.


Mr. Seeney states that the Nationals stance is that they do not support an equal age of consent. However he then wrongly claims that the all-party 1990 Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee (chaired by Peter Beattie) had made a majority recommendation in Report favouring an unequal age of consent.  Mr Seeney has clearly been given inaccurate advice – because the Majority Recommendation number 7 of the Committee’s 1990 Report  (on report page 49) was that:  THE COMMITTEE RECOMMENDS THAT THE AGE OF CONSENT FOR HOMOSEXUAL ACTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF SEXUAL EQUALITY AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BE THE SAME FOR MALES AS IT IS FOR FEMALES, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER THE SEXUAL ACT IS HETEROSEXUAL OR HOMOSEXUAL. (THIS PRINCIPLE IS HIGHLIGHTED IN



I phoned the office of the Leader Of the Opposition on Friday 29thJune 2007 to explain this factual error in Mr Seeney’s letter – and I was advised that my message would be passed on to Mr Seeney, but that the attitude of the Opposition would be unchanged. I said that I believed the Opposition are enititled to their opinion, but that it should be based on factual grounds.

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Jeff Seeney MP
Leader of the Opposition
Leader of The Nationals

26 June 2006 (a typing error in the original letter - should be 2007)


Mr John Frame
82 Main Avenue
QLD 4012

Dear Mr Frame


Thankyou for your letter of 20th June 2007 in relation to ‘equal age of consent reform in Queensland’.

The Nationals do not support the changes being proposed by you and believe the current laws governing the age-of-consent are adequate.

In 1990 an all-party parliamentary committee, the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee, investigated and rejected the very proposal being put forward by you.

No circumstance has arisen since that time to justify any reconsideration of this position.


Yours faithfully




Leader of the Opposition




Address; Parliament House Alice Street Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia
Telephone: (07) 3406 7997 Facsimile: (07) 3221 1496
Email: leader@opposition.qld.gov.au

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