*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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23rd November 2005 Letter from Attorney-General Linda Lavarch, in reply to my 20th October 2005 letter in which I had:

(1) requested an official Ministerial response to the finalised Parliamentary E-petition calling for Sodomy Law Reform, which had been referred to her office on 10th August 2005.

(2) requested a response to several earlier requests for a representative community group meeting with the Attorney-General.


However the Attorney-General’s response fails to address either of these points and merely reiterates that the Government has no plans to alter the applicable law at this time.”


On the afternoon of the day I received this letter, 24 November 2005, I telephoned the Attorney-General’s office and spoke with Mark Craven. I told him that I believed it to be unacceptable for the Attorney-General to continue to refuse reform without providing any justification for that refusal – especially when it is very clear that the current law does damage. I also asked why I have received no response to my requests for a representative group meeting with the Attorney-General. Mark said that Parliament was in session and that none of the Attorney-General’s advisors were available to speak with me, so he took my phone details and said he would pass on my expressed concerns to a Ministerial Advisor and ask them to return my call.


for a jpg image of the original letter go to: www.queerradio.org/AOC231105.jpg


Queensland Government

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice


The Honourable Linda Lavarch MP


Member for Kurwongba


In reply please quote:  2005/06853 J/05/05422


23 NOV 2005


Mr John Frame

82 Main Avenue




Dear Mr Frame


Thank you for your letter dated 20 October 2005 seeking amendment to Queensland's sodomy laws to remove the age difference for lawful heterosexual and homosexual sex between consenting sexual partners.


The Honourable Linda Lavarch MP, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, has asked me to reply to you on her behalf.


I am aware that the Attorney-General has written to you on this issue in response to your email dated 29 July. The Attorney is cognizant of the strong views held by you and many others for the need for reform and is conscious of the issues surrounding access to safe sex information and equality before the law.


As previously advised, the Government has no plans to alter the applicable law at this time. The Attorney-General will take your comments and views into consideration in future reviews in this area.


Yours sincerely


Cameron Dick

Senior Policy Advisor



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