*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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22nd  March 2006 Official Ministerial Response posted by Queensland Attorney General Linda Lavarch to Parliamentary E-Petition Number 421-05 (which was finalised on 31 July 2005 with 740 signatories). The Attorney General’s entirely unsatisfactory response acknowledges the negative aspects of the current law, but she advises that the Government will not enact reform because “The issue of the age of consent is a vexed one and one in which there are deeply held and opposing views.” It seems clear from this statement that the Beattie Government cares more about losing votes than does about the health and well-being of youth.


In preceding weeks the Courier Mail had reported that Peter Beattie was actively negotiating with the conservative religious Family First Party to secure preference deals for the upcoming state election (hoping to split the conservative vote). Successive polls had shown the Nationals to be almost certain to win at the next election. Nationals Leader Lawrence Springborg has clearly stated that they will not support an equal age of consent.  



This is the official Ministerial Response to the Parliamentary E-petition calling for a truly equal age of consent under the Criminal Code. The E-petition was finalised on 31st July 2005 with 740 signatories.


Posted to the Parliamentary E-Petition website on 22nd March 2006


As per pdf file http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/EPetitions_QLD/responses/421-05.pdf :-


In reply please quote: 2006/00703, J/06/00496


Mr Neil Laurie

Clerk of the Parliament

Parliament House

Cnr Alice and George Streets



Dear Mr Laurie


Petition received by the Queensland Legislative Assembly No. 421- 05


Thank you for your email dated 31 January 2006 about the above petition received by the House calling for the lowering of the age of consent for anal intercourse.


Queensland’s Criminal Code sets a minimum age of 16 years for consent to all sexual activity except anal intercourse which is 18 years.


I am cognizant of the strong views held by many for the need for reform and agree that we need to ensure young people have access to safe sex information and that our laws operate fairly and justly.


The issue of the age of consent is a vexed one and one in which there are deeply held and opposing views. The Government has no plans to alter the applicable law.


I trust this is of assistance to you.


Yours sincerely


Hon Linda Lavarch MP

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice