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21st December 2011 Letter from Attorney-General Paul Lucas. Regarding 1st December 2011 email in which I praised the Bligh Government for passing the Civil Partnerships Bill, but also requested that they show the same level of commitment to equity by enacting equal age of consent reform. The response from Senior Policy Advisor Jasmina Joldie says, in essence, that the Premier is the one who has decided that the Party will continue to follow her public statement that the Government has no plans for enacting equal age of consent reform.

However the only time that Premier Bligh has ever made any public statement on this issue was on Madonna King’s radio show talkback on ABC612 on 27th October 2007 , when young gay Brisbane man Peter Ridgley had asked her "I was wondering when the Queensland Government was going to change the age of consent laws between differing sexual activities from 18 for anal intercourse to 16 to be in line with vaginal intercourse?" and she replied: “Peter, our Government has no plans to consider that issue. So I guess that the answer to your question is that there is no time frame because we have no plans in relation to that.”

So that’s hardly a public statement by which the Premier can ever claim to be obliged to stand in perpetuity.

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OCR scanned text:

Queensland Government

Office of the
Minister for Local Government
and Special Minister of State

Our ref AG/11/05228; AG/11/05437; 541466/1

21 DEC 2011

Mr John Frame
82 Main Avenue

Dear Mr Frame

Re: Equal age of consent reform

Thank you for your emails of 27 October and 6 November 2011 to the Honourable Paul Lucas MP, Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State. The Attorney-General has asked that I respond on his behalf.

I note your commitment to this issue and am aware that you have written in similar terms to previous Attorneys-General on this topic. As indicated in the previous responses to you, the Premier and Minister for Reconstruction has publicly stated that the Queensland Government has no plans to make policy amendments in this area.

I note your support for the recently introduced Private Member’s Bill regarding civil partnerships. You will be pleased to note that the Civil Partnerships Bill 2011 was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 30 November 2011.

The Civil Partnerships Act 2011 allows couples, of either sex, to register their relationship as a civil partnership, which is recognised in law as a formal relationship without further proof of its existence. I expect that the Act will commence in the first half of 2012 once appropriate implementation arrangements have been finalised.

Thank you for once again writing to the Attorney-General. I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Jasmina Joldie
Senior Policy Advisor


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