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21st June 2005 Email to Attorney-General Rod Welford, Premier Peter Beattie and Health Minister Gordon Nuttall advising them that I had been interviewed on ABC Radio 612 by Steve Austin on Monday 20 June 2005 regarding the need for Sodomy Law reform. I invite them to hear an mp3 of that interview. I suggested to ABC listeners that the Beattie Government could easily justify enacting reform on the basis of caring properly for the sexual health of youth, as threatened by the state's rising HIV infection rate. I point out that the Northern Territory Labor government was returned with a vastly increased majority in the previous weekend’s election – and that the NT had reformed their Sodomy Law in that term of office. I further mention that the same was true for Labor in Western Australia.


----- Original Message -----

From: John Frame

To: Rod Welford Attorney General ; Gordon Nuttall Health Minister ; Premier Peter Beattie

Cc: Nudgee Electorate Office

Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 10:52 PM

Subject: Radio 612 interview re Sodomy Law Monday 20th June '05


Dear Mess's Beattie, Welford and Nuttall,

(Cc to my local Member Neil Roberts)


Further to my written correspondence which I posted to you on 6th June 2005, I invite you to listen to a recording of an interview conducted live to air on Monday 20th June 2005 in the studios of ABC Radio 612. Steve Austin was the announcer. We spoke for just over 8 minutes from 9:21am.


We discuss the relevant matters surrounding the need for urgent reform of the Sodomy Law. I also point out that this reform offers no threat of lost votes, as proven by the fact that Labor Governments in both Western Australia and, on the weekend, Northern Territory have been returned with significantly increased majorities in the elections which immediately followed enacting law reform which ensured a truly equal age of consent.


I suggest to ABC listeners that you could easily justify enacting reform in Queensland on the basis of caring properly for the sexual health of youth as threatened by the state's rising HIV infection rate. I am advised that the ABC received no calls regarding this interview, which proves to me that the general public are very comfortable with the idea of this reform.


Please hear the unedited 8 minute interview as a 2.8mb mp3, by going to the following link on my website:




I welcome any comments or observations.


On Saturday I will call for community support for reform as I host the Brisbane Lesbian & Gay Pride Rally in King George Square (from 10am). I will also speak on this matter next Tuesday night at the Brisbane Powerhouse at a public forum organised by the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.


I look forward to receiving your positive response.


Yours sincerely,


John Frame jvframe@bigpond.net.au
presenter of Queer Radio www.queerradio.org
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