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21st  February 2006 Email to Attorney-General Linda Lavarch – (with copy to local MP Neil Roberts) expressing concern that Beattie's Labor must act urgently on Sodomy Law Reform while it still holds a clear majority of Members of Parliament. Today’s Courier Mail ran an article which states that the results of two recent polls indicate a landslide victory for The Nationals in the next state election (which may be as early as November 2006). When previously in power in ‘96/’97 the National Party not only reinstated the Sodomy Law, but also simultaneously changed the terminology (“anal intercourse” to “sodomy”), raised the minimum age (from 17 to 18) and doubled the penalties (from 7 to 14 years). The Nationals leader Lawrence Springborg has clearly advised that they do not support any reform of the Sodomy Law.



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From: John Frame

To: Attorney-SMTP

Cc: Nudgee Electorate Office

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 8:21 PM

Subject: Election looming - action needed now on vital law reform


To Hon Attorney-General Linda Lavarch,


(C.c. to my local Labor MP Neil Roberts)


Dear Linda,


I know that you are aware of the efforts I've made in cooperation with many others, since early 2000, seeking that the Beattie Government enact the vital and long overdue reform of the Criminal Code to effect a truly equal age of consent (by removing Sections 208 and 209). All reasons justifying this reform are in Peter Beattie's own 1990 PCJC Report on Homosexual Law reform and in other correspondence over the years with your office. 


It seems clear to me that political expediency, rather than ethics, was the main reason for both previous Attorneys-General Matt Foley and Rod Welford choosing to refuse to commit to reform. However, I was shocked to read in today's Courier Mail that we are now faced with the appalling likelihood of the National party regaining a Majority in this upcoming state election - and I therefore ask that you make every personal effort to ensure that this one reform is passed while the Labor Party knows that it still holds the Majority in the House.


I am aware that in the past Premier Peter Beattie has refused to act on some reforms within a term by claiming that they were not "election promises". It will not be acceptable for this matter to be held over for the next possible term, even as an election promise. Queensland's youth should not be insulted by seeing their right to equal treatment under the law being used as a political football.


If Labor were to enact this reform now it would be one guaranteed action that could be used to assure swaying Labor voters that the party has proven integrity.


There is no need to "spin" to media anything more than the plain honest truth - that an equal age of consent is absolutely necessary in order to equally protect and support ALL of the state's youth.


I have received a brief letter from the Premier's Office dated 7th February 2006 in which I am advised that a more detailed response on this matter is forthcoming. I hope and pray that the response will be a positive one - namely that the Government will act on this reform immediately.


I thank you in advance for your time and efforts and I send my best regards.


Yours sincerely,


John Frame
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