Campaign for Age Of Consent awareness & removal of The Sodomy Law in Queensland

*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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19th August 2003 Letter from the office of Premier of Queensland, Hon Peter Beattie, in response to my 25th July 2003 letter. The Premier acknowledges my clarifying statement that I am seeking reform of Sections 208 & 209 of the Criminal Code, not a reduction in the age of consent for “homosexual sex” - because the age of consent for homosexuals to consent to sex has been equal to that of heterosexuals since the decriminalisation of sex between men was enacted in November 1990. I want to be certain that you appreciate that I am advocating for gay and bisexual youth to enjoy equal societal support, in all aspects, to their heterosexual peers – and this is regardless of whether they are sexually active or not.


What I am specifically seeking is the removal of the “Sodomy Law” (Sections 208 & 209 of the Criminal Code 1899) – a law which applies technically to all women and men, regardless of their sexuality – but which, in practice, actively discriminates against 16 & 17 year old men who may be gay or bisexual (regardless of whether those men are sexually active or not).” (as per my 25th July 2003 letter).


The letter also reiterates that the Government has NO PLANS to amend existing legislation.


Text as scanned from original letter stored as a jpg image HERE.


Queensland Government Office of the Premier

Please quote: 35328/mb23/L&JP


19 AUG 2003


Mr John Frame

82 Main Avenue



Dear Mr Frame


Thank you for your letter of 25 July 2003 advocating for reform of sections 208 and 209 of the Criminal Code relating to the offences of unlawful sodomy and attempted sodomy. I have been requested to reply to you on the Premier’s behalf


I note that you have previously corresponded with this office about these issues and note the distinction you make between interpreting your letter as advocating a reduction in the age of consent for homosexual sex rather than recognising the general application of sections 208 and 209 of the Criminal Code irrespective of the sexuality of the people involved in the sexual activity.


As you were informed previously, the Government has no plans to amend the existing legislation.


Thank you for writing to the Premier to clarify this issue.


Yours sincerely


­Rob Whiddon

Chief of Staff

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Queensland 4002 Australia

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