Campaign for Age Of Consent awareness & removal of The Sodomy Law in Queensland

*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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17th May 2000, Letter to the Attorney General acknowledging receipt of the 5th May 2000 letter defining age of consent and confirming advice that the file has been received at the office of Anna Bligh MP.


 Attention: Peter Clarke assistant to Attorney General Matt Foley

Office of the Attorney-General

GPO Box 149

Brisbane 4001

Your Ref: 2000/2159

From: John Frame

82 Main Avenue

Wavell Heights 4012

Ph: 3350 1562 / 0409 501 561

Date: 17th May, 2000.

Re: Your Letter 5th May 2000

Regarding: Public awareness of Queensland's Age of Consent law.


Dear Peter,

This is to confirm my emailed message of today’s date, thanking you and the Attorney-General Matt Foley for the above-mentioned letter.

The actual statement by the authority on law interpretation will be of great benefit to those involved in education and health.

As I have said, too many persons - even gay and lesbian activists – have been unsure of the correct stand and will appreciate the straightforward confirmation.

The Office of the Hon. Anna Bligh has advised in writing that they have received the paperwork from you and that they will give the matter full consideration.

Your courteous and prompt assistance in this matter has been greatly appreciated.


Yours faithfully,


John Frame.