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2nd August 2005 Email to Attorney-General Linda Lavarch confirming my 1 August 2005 telephone enquiry to her office in which I requested an opportunity for a representative group meeting to coincide with the 9th August presentation of the finalized E-petition which attracted a significant total of 740 signatories . I was assured that Ministerial Advisor Susan Irvine would return my call, but as yet this has not happened.


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From: John Frame

To: Attorney-SMTP

Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 3:58 PM

Subject: query re meeting Attorney-General Linda Lavarch


To the Office of the Attorney-General,


This email is to confirm a telephoned enquiry regarding a representative group meeting with Attorney-General Linda Lavarch.


The requested meeting is in regard to the finalised Parliamentary E-petition on Sodomy Law reform which closed on Sunday night with a total of 740 signatories and which will be presented in Parliament next Tuesday morning 9th August.


I am advised by students at University of Queensland that several teenage youth wish to speak with the Attorney-General to testify in favour of reform. I am certain that representatives of the Queensland AIDS Council and other relevant interested groups would also want to attend.  


Yesterday afternoon, Monday 1st August 2005 at around 2pm, I phoned the Attorney-General's office and the call was apparently redirected to the Kurwongbah Electoral office where I spoke with Dimitri. He told me that the person I needed to speak with was Susan Irvine, but that she was unavailable at that time. Dimitri took my phone details and said he would pass a message on to Susan requesting that she call me.


I look forward to your response.


with sincere regards,




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