Susan Booth

Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland


The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland is an independent statutory authority which administers the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. The preamble to the Act describes it as: An Act to promote equality of opportunity for everyone by protecting them from unfair discrimination in certain areas of activity and from sexual harassment and certain associated objectionable conduct.


Recorded 27th April 2007 at the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission offices,

Cnr Cribb Street and Coronation Drive, Milton.


Transcript of Equal Age Of Consent Reform DVD video


Interview and transcript by John Frame, Ph: (07) 3350 1562


A statement of support for equal age of consent reform in Queensland.


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Susan Booth:

Hello, Im Susan Booth, Queenslands Anti-Discrimination Commissioner.


The current provisions of the Criminal Code that impose different ages when people can lawfully participate in sexual intercourse are not consistent with the objects of the Anti-Discrimination Act. These laws discriminate on the basis of sexuality.


The Anti-Discrimination Act requires that everyone should be equal before the law and that includes equal benefit of the law, without discrimination.


I support the removal of the provisions that discriminate against same sex attracted young people.



John Frame:

Susan Booth, Thank you very much.



Susan Booth:

Thank you.


(end of interview)