Campaign for Age Of Consent awareness & removal of The Sodomy Law in Queensland

*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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16th May 2001 Email sent to advising that have amended their website to show correct details as from 16th May 2001.


Attn Triple J, (Copy to

Earlier this month I emailed Triple J about concerns I had with the information stored at the site which you have linked from your "Cool Sites" page.

They had displayed wrong information about age of consent in Queensland.

Lawstuff have advised me today that they have amended their site, and I have confirmed this (page:

Even though I received no reply at all from Triple J, I am assuming that you took the matter seriously and that someone would like to know that the matter has been resolved promptly and effectively.

I praise for their courtesy and efficiency.

Yours sincerely,

John Frame
presenter, Queer Radio on 4ZZZ fm102.1
Ph: 0409 501 561 / 07 3350 1562

82 Main Avenue, Wavell Heights 4012.

16th May 2001.
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