Campaign for Age Of Consent awareness & removal of The Sodomy Law in Queensland

*Age Of Consent & Legal Sexual Activity for the State of Queensland, Australia - A campaign to remove our Sodomy Law (which was enacted in 1990).

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10th April 2000. This is the original email sent to various persons to encourage awareness of this effort and to seek support:


Campaign For Public Awareness

of Age of Consent and Sodomy Laws in Queensland.

(10th April 2000)

I, John Frame am, as an individual, lobbying the Queensland Attorney-General Matt Foley, to direct that a public education campaign be initiated regarding the Age of Consent and Sodomy laws in our state. I would appreciate your help in encouraging others to support this effort.

I believe that the age of consent should be 16 for any sexual activity.

Queensland law is that the age of consent is 16 for everyone, but a separate law prohibits anyone under 18 from engaging in anal intercourse (sodomy).

Most members of the public, straight or gay, have the impression (reinforced by inaccurate media) that the age of consent for male to male sex of any kind is 18. The repercussions of this erroneous belief are serious and far-reaching.

Please take the time to read the letter below, which is an abridged version of the one I sent on 6th April 2000. You may choose to email (fill in your name etc on the page and send to or print, sign and post a copy of this letter to the Attorney General, or indeed to use your own wording.

I believe that a successful outcome will only be achieved if the Attorney General sees that there is a broader call for action.

Those most at risk from the current state of confusion are also those least empowered to amend the situation, so please act if you can.

Yours sincerely,

John Frame. (Presenter "Queer Radio", 4ZZZfm 102.1


  • ("form letter" as part of above email):

To: Attorney General Matt Foley

Office of the Attorney-General

GPO Box 149

Brisbane 4001

Re: Public awareness of Queensland's Age of Consent law.

I believe that the persistently reinforced and prevalent misinterpretation of the age of consent law creates these serious problems:

  1. Men who have had legal sexual activity with men over 16 (but not yet 18) are at risk of being branded as paedophiles. Regardless of their personal knowledge that their activities were lawful, that risk presents a great threat to their health, family stability, reputation and career security, Those who are unaware of the law, suffer anguish at potential prosecution and are susceptible to blackmail. This pressure was enough to cause New South Wales' Judge Yeldham to suicide.
  2. Men over 16 but under 18 years of age who perceive all sexual activity with other men as being equally illegal, will not be empowered to choose safer sexual activities over those considered unsafe (i.e. unprotected anal intercourse.)
  3. Men younger than 16, who know that they want to be sexually active with other men, but who believe that no contact with other men is legal, until they turn 18 - are likely to engage in sex regardless.
  4. The prevailing confusion limits the activities of established community health organisations in being able to effectively educate men over 16 but under 18 with regard to safe practices in their sexual behaviour with other men.

I believe it is the Queensland Government's "Duty Of Care" to ensure that the potential harm caused by the confusion over this law is minimised.

I ask you to arrange, as a matter of urgency, an education campaign to inform the public of the correct interpretation of current Age of Consent and Sodomy laws in Queensland.

Yours faithfully,




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