Mid-May 2000. This is a copy of my press release on the campaign, issued via email to all local LGBT press and to many individuals:

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It actually is significant (and a handy resource for some) that the Attorney-General has made this written statement on the law, which at least makes it clear that it's only anal intercourse that you can't consent to at 16. The possibility of a government funded awareness campaign still exists. I'll keep you informed.



*Press Release*

"16's the go - but until 18 anal's No!"

In 1990 the Goss Government decriminalised anal intercourse - but placed a higher age of consent for that sexual activity at 18 years. Since that time, far too many people (gay or straight) have held the mistaken belief that all sex between men was illegal until 18 years of age.

Recent lobbying of the Queensland Attorney-General to authorise a campaign to educate the public about the true interpretation of the age of consent for sexual activity has at least resulted in the official confirmation that:

"The offence of unlawful sodomy applies to any person who sodomises a person under 18 years, or permits a male person under 18 years to sodomise him or her.

…for other forms of sexual activity, the age of consent for both males and females is 16 years."

The letter written on behalf of the The Honourable Matt Foley MLA, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Arts, further states that the matter of a proposed education campaign has been referred to the Honourable Anna Bligh MLA, Minister for Families, Youth and Community Care and Minister for Disability Services, for her consideration.

John Frame, the individual who instigated the lobbying campaign, said he expected a well-informed public to be in a better position to educate and care for the health and well being of younger men who have sex with men.

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The letter (www.queerradio.org/AttorneyGeneral.jpg) from Peter Clarke, Senior Ministerial Policy Adviser, on behalf of the Honourable Matt Foley MLA, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Arts, was dated 5th May 2000.