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12th April 2008  Email to Editor of the Courier Mail regarding their 12th April 2008 cover story “School bans gay couples” (by Robyn Ironside). The same journalist also wrote a complementary page 2 article “Teenagers well aware of their sexual preferences”- which included the unequal age of consent.



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Subject: re CM lead story 12th Apr '08 "School bans gay couples"




Queensland should be proud of its youth.


The CM's 12th April '08 lead story by Robyn Ironside should make most Queenslanders proud that, in spite of having the nation's only Criminal Code which actively discriminates against same sex attracted youth, those same youth still have the courage and moral conviction to seek practical equity with their much more numerous heterosexual peers.


The article informs us that the majority of youth are aware of their sexual preference by 8 years of age and that schooling has no influence on the reality of that preference. All good parents should welcome a time when the sexual orientation of their children presents no negative consequence to either their school or the law.


The current Queensland Criminal Code acts to reinforce the attitudes of those who seek to actively oppress the level of self-acceptance and peer support which is afforded to same sex attracted youth. Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner called for urgent law reform in July 2005. True equity at law is necessary in order for all youth to develop their full potential as healthy, loving and productive citizens (as well as cherished family and friends). 


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